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From Inspiration Hoarder to Maker

Today’s the day to make the shift from inspiration hoarder mode to a maker mindset. There’s just a few steps to get started. 

Today's the day to make the shift from inspiration hoarder mode to a maker mindset. There's just a few steps to get started.

Here’s the story.

Today you are going to transform from an inspiration hoarder to a maker.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You love finding inspiration – whether it is on Pinterest, blogs, magazines or somewhere else. It doesn’t matter if it is craft projects, DIY projects, or something else entirely. You are constantly coming across totally awesome stuff you want to make. But, after awhile you start to notice that you have collected hoards of inspiration but have yet to do anything with it.

Today that changes.

Today you go from inspiration hoarder to maker.

Maybe you collect all kinds of ideas because you like them – great, you should continue to do that – but you have a hard time getting started with them because you don’t necessarily have the skills to do it, or the project materials might be expensive, or maybe you don’t have the time right now to commit to completing the project. Any one of these reasons could be what is keeping you from getting started.

So you don’t do that project – then you don’t do any project.

Your goal today is going to be to find a project that you can complete. Keep it small, minimal, somewhat simple. You want to get an easy win on this one and transform your mindset from someone who collects inspiration but does not follow through into that of that into a maker – someone who see an idea or finds inspiration + actually creates something.

If you want to be a maker, you actually have to do that work – you have to make stuff.

The first thing to decide is what you want to make. This should be easy because you already have so much inspiration saved up. Head over to wherever it is that you collect your inspiration – Pinterest, a journal, a notebook, a bulletin board, a folder on your desktop, etc. Go through it. Pick something simple. You are looking for something that will take an hour or less of your time. Also, choose a project where you already have the materials or you can easily find them at a local store. Choose a project that will allow you to get started right away.

If you’ve got a big long list of inspiration, go through and cross off the ones that are going to take you too much time. Then cross off all of the ones that you need to learn a new skill for. (One point – I’m not saying cross them off forever, just for now until you get started with a creative habit). Cross all the ones that require materials that are too expensive.

Here’s my example. Here is my DIY board on Pinterest. These are all things that I think are awesome, pretty, or in some cases totally awesome. I want to make them all!

Today's the day to make the shift from inspiration hoarder mode to a maker mindset. There's just a few steps to get started.

Now here is my board with projects crossed off that I thought would be too difficult, too time consuming or too expensive for my first one. Here’s the project I am going to do first.


Today's the day to make the shift from inspiration hoarder mode to a maker mindset. There's just a few steps to get started. I picked my project – something easy with only a few materials and hard to mess up – the project that is going to help me go from inspiration hoarder to maker.

Next, I am going to figure out what resources/materials I need to complete this project. I’ll make a list and gather them.

Then, if I think about my time – when can I actually do this? During my kids’ nap time? After work + dinner? A chunk of time on the weekend? If you are actually going to do this, you need to prepare so that when you have that chunk of time, you actually execute – you make something! Instead of saying that I only have an hour and I need to decide what I want to do, go to the store, learn a new skill, etc. Not going to happen that way!

Set yourself up for success by doing the preparations first. 

Finally, Is there anything you need to learn before trying? If I I want to hand-letter, should I watch some Youtube videos, or should I just start making. Decide now.

Go make.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. One very important point I need to make.

Your first go round is probably going to suck. Most likely it won’t look just like that pin from Pinterest. It’s not going to look just like that Instagram post. You are probably going to feel bad about that, it’s natural. But, then stop and think. Whoever made the source of inspiration probably made it a few times to get it to look perfect. Or, they practice their creativity all the time, so it is going to look amazing. Whereas this is the first time you have tried it, so of course it is not going to look the same. Understand that as you shift from inspiration hoarder mode to a maker mindset, you are probably going to create some total garbage at first. But you have to do that in order to get to the good stuff. You might even throw away some of the stuff you make – that’s okay. You are putting in the practice so that you can increase your skills.

Okay, back to it – go make something!

You did it? Awesome some sauce.

Okay, here is the deal. Going from inspiration hoarder to maker is not a one time transition unless you actually make a practice habit out of it.

Here are some links to making a creative practice habit. Here and here.

Get started!

Today's the day to make the shift from inspiration hoarder mode to a maker mindset. There's just a few steps to get started.

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