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Join the TEAM?

I’m taking a break from the Live a Creative Life Series this week to share some info on Greens & Blues Co. Over the course of the past few months, I have been dreaming up a redesign – both for my website + for what I want Greens & Blues Co. to be. This past week, I finally finished my website redesign. I felt like it was time to update for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s fun to do. I designed my website over a year ago and now that my design tastes have changed slightly, I want my website to represent me.
  2. Greens & Blues Co. is ever-evolving. The current vision that I have for Greens & Blues Co. is also slightly different than when I first started it and since my website is the first thing that people see of Greens & Blues Co., I wanted it to accurately represent my new vision.
  3. When I first started Greens & Blues Co., it was very important for me to just start even though I knew it wasn’t going to be perfect. If I waited for every single detail to be perfect – I still wouldn’t have started. And really today, the same is true. Even though I redesigned my website, there are still plenty of things that aren’t quite perfect. But, they are good enough for now.

So beyond the look, the design, of Greens & Blues Co., what has changed?

Number One

I am done with theoretical posts. Yes, it is important to understand that creativity is important and all that jazz, but that doesn’t really do anything for you. Starting today, I am only going to share content that is actionable and that you can put to use immediately. If you visit my START HERE page, you can read my beliefs on creativity and the importance of it, but that is the only place you will find it the future. 

5 Core Beliefs about Creativity - 1. Everyone is Creative. Click to read the rest.

Number Two

I’m changing the name of my weekly newsletter from CHEERS to TEAM.

Anyone who has ever been part of a team, sports or otherwise, can tell you that the best part about being on a team is, of course, your teammates. There is nothing like having teammates to drive you and make you better. The same notion can be applied to a group of people practicing their creativity.

Living a creative life can be different for everyone however we can encourage each other, push each other to go further, to work harder than we would on our own, to try something new, to practice, to do our best – all just by working together. Collaboration can help us take our skills in a particular creative venture to the next level, or to get over ourselves and try something new. Teammates, or just people to collaborate with, challenge us to continually improve our craft.

Although a major component of Greens & Blues Co. is collaboration, I’m not necessarily thinking about two people getting together to work on a creative project.  Instead, it can be a group of people are working towards a common goal – to individually practice their creativity. Each of us that is a part of the TEAM can have a different way of making creativity a part of our daily lives, but at the same time we can encourage each other, push each other, make each other better.

Number Three

Going along with my thoughts from above on collaboration in #2 and the idea of only actionable content going forward from #1, I started a Facebook group called CREATIVITY + COLLABORATION. Thinking/Believing that it is great to collaborate and share our creativity with others is one thing, but I wanted to provide you with a place to accomplish that. Click here to learn more and join now!

Join CREATIVITY + COLLABORATION, a Facebook group that will provide you with inspiration and motivation to practice your creativity.

Think about it – what teams have you been on in the past? Throughout our lives (especially post college), we all join a variety of different teams – dodgeball, volleyball, fantasy football, basketball, etc. Now how about a creativity team? We don’t have to get uniforms…unless you want to puffy paint them yourself of course.  

We join teams for a variety of reasons, including:

Social – to meet people. Joining a league or a team is an easy way to meet people with similar interests as you.

Entertainment – to have fun because we enjoy what we are doing. Whether you are playing flag football team or knitting your cat another scarf, you would only do it and be a part of it if you enjoyed it. Why waste time doing things that aren’t fun or do not bring you joy?

Growth – to potentially get better at whatever it is you are doing. The only way to get better is to put in the time and practice. There are no short-cuts.

Competition – it’s not a dirty word. TEAM Greens & Blues Co. isn’t the type of team where everyone gets a participant trophy, it’s more like the competitive travel team. This doesn’t mean we are going to figure out who is the best at being creative, rather everyone on the team has to be willing to show up, do the work, and get better. No sitting on the sidelines picking grass, you need to be on the field, trying something new, putting yourself out there and very likely failing at times. Competition can be used in a healthy way to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to try something new. Or to take our skills to the next level, or even just to practice more/harder.

The biggest change to Greens & Blues Co. is that I want you to fully understand how I am here to help you.

Greens & Blues Co. You are creative. I'm here to help you find your creativity + practice it. Click to sign up for a course or find other actionable content to help you start practicing your creativity today.


I completely believe this to be true. You are creative. I have no doubt of that. I will provide you with inspiration, motivation, and resources to find your creativity and I will push you to continually practice it.  Practice is the key. You can figure out what makes you happy but until you take action and practice nothing changes.

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