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Identify Your Personal Brand of Creativity

Identify Your Personal Brand of Creativity with the help of my 5 Day Email Course - Find Your Creativity Adventure. Click to learn more + sign up now!The main mantra here at Greens & Blues Co. is to find your creativity and start practicing it. Sounds good, but what do you do once you have done that? What comes next? Is that the end of the story?

Welllll, kind of. Or, not really at all. More like beginning of the story.

Once you are comfortable with the idea of yourself as a creative person and are willing + excited to practice your creativity on a daily (or however often you decide) basis, it’s time to challenge yourself a little bit more.

Finding your creativity is realizing that you are in fact a creative person and figuring out how you like to practice it. This is the first step. You can then kick that idea up a notch by identifying your personal brand of creativity – where you actively seek out how creativity is unique to you.

Identifying your personal brand of creativity is different than just finding a creative activity you like, such as knitting. Millions of people love to knit, what makes you different?

Finding your personal brand of creativity is all about YOU – it is not about the creative act.  You might love to knit, but you are more than just a knitter.

  • Is it what you knit?
  • The materials you use to knit?
  • Do you follow a pattern or design your own knits?
  • Do you knit for yourself and loved ones, or do you knit to sell?

One of the ideas above could be the thing that sets you apart from all other knitters. More likely though your personal creative brand is made up of several components.

Let’s say that you do knit. Great, but likely knitting isn’t the only way you practice your creativity. To Identify your personal brand of creativity, you need to reflect on and investigate all of the ways you are creative. Once you have done that you will start to look for patterns and make sense of it. Easy peasy, right? (If you are thinking hell no, just hold on, I have something to help you.)

An example might help:

My personal brand of creativity?

It is the intersection of creativity and teaching & learning.

How did I figure out my personal brand of creativity?

I would say that it started with me reading a Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink and took another big leap when I launched Greens & Blues Co. In between those two events (about 6 years give or take), I did a lot of reflection, trial + error, learning, and investigating other people’s creativity.

I enjoy many different creative outlets: knitting, sewing, hand-lettering, scrapbooking, visual thinking, and various other creative activities on a regular basis.

While I enjoy the creative activities I listed above, it took some practice + reflection for me to realize that the part of my creativity that I am the most passionate about is the point where creativity and learning intersect. I am passionate about creativity and teaching + learning, so put them together and what do you get? Teaching about creativity and learning. Ta-da!

What’s the easiest way I can help you identify your personal brand of creativity?

Sign up for my free 5 day email course. It’s good stuff – the Find Your Creativity Adventure. If you complete the activities, you will be able to identify your own personal brand of creativity by the end of the five days.

Find Your Creativity Adventure Visual Thinking: Identifying your own personal brand of creativity is just like planning an adventure. Find out how by clicking to enroll in my free 5 day email course.


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