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Stretch Your Creativity

It’s time to take your well-practiced creativity and stretch it further.

It’s time to take your well-practiced creativity and stretch it further.

Here’s the story.

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By now (assuming you have been around here for awhile), you should know how you are creative. Hopefully, you have been practicing your creativity as well. Awesome!

However, even though you went through the process of identifying how you are creative, it doesn’t mean that your creativity will remain exactly the same forever. It shouldn’t! As you continue to practice it more, you will grow + change and so will your creativity. Your interests may change, or you may grow more confident in your creativity and want to try something new.

Stretch Your Creativity

It’s time to take your well-practiced creativity and stretch it further. It’s time to try something that scares you, something where you need to learn something new, where you are out of your comfort zone. I know, I know – it’s not always fun to do this. You are putting yourself in a position where you are going to suck at first. You might even fail at first. But, in the end, you will thank me for giving you this kick in the butt to challenge yourself and stretch your creativity.

There’s two (at least) easy ways to go about stretching your creativity.

Number 1

You can learn a completely new creative activity – unrelated to other creative activities you have practiced in the past.

For example, let’s say I have always considered myself a writer, then in this case I would learn a completely new practice such as dancing, drawing, or sewing.

Number 2

You can learn a new skill in a current creative practice.

For example, maybe I have been knitting for a while but have always been hesitant to try knitting socks because it will require me to learn a few new skills – then this would be the perfect time to learn those new skills!

Let’s rewind for a minute.

Ever since I launched greens + blues co. a few years ago, practicing my creativity has become a part of my daily life. As with any skill that we commit time + energy to practicing regularly, my creativity has improved – it’s grown and even changed. When I first started out on my creative adventure a few years ago, my creativity looked one way. While it still looks similar now, it has in fact changed quite a bit. In some ways it has grown into areas I never thought it would (writing and drawing) and other ways it has filtered out activities that I used to enjoy (scrapbooking).

So how did it happen?

How did I stretch my creativity from what it used to look like to what it currently looks like now?

First and foremost, I committed to practicing my creativity daily (or a close to daily as possible). There is no way around this one.

Once you have established a habit of practicing your creativity, you will realize that it is actually quite easy to stretch your creativity. Sometimes, it may happen organically and you will not even consciously realize it is happening until you have started a new creative practice or acquired a new skill. Other times, you might realize that you are growing bored or uninspired by your current creative practice, and you make the decision to try something new. Even other times, you might see a creative practice that looks awesome and you can’t wait to try it – it can be as simple as that!

Your Turn:

Brainstorm a list of new creative practices you are interested in trying. Be sure to include both completely new creative practices and new skills in a current creative practice.

Once you have your list, don’t feel like you have to immediately narrow it down to one and get started on it. You can, or you can post the list somewhere you will see it often and over time filter out what doesn’t sound quite as interesting as it once did. Or, if one creative practice sounds exciting every time you look think of it – go for it!

How Am I Stretching My Creativity?

One way I’m currently stretching my creativity is by learning how to draw and making a daily habit of it. Because I’m such a newbie at it (and so bad), often I get stuck thinking what should I draw next? Something that has been providing me with non-stop  inspiration + resources is signing up for Skillshare. Skillshare has hundreds (maybe even thousands) of classes on a variety of creative topics. There are so many classes that are quick – it’s a great place to start if you aren’t sure what you want to do. This is a great place  to test the waters. If you sign up using this link you can get two month free (full disclosure I get a free month for everyone that signs up using that link.)

Leave me a comment and tell me how you are going to stretch your creativity!

It’s time to take your well-practiced creativity and stretch it further.

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