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Stop Everything & Embrace the Fear

Drop Everything and Embrace the Fear: Do Something That Makes You Uncomfortable. Click to read why challenging to yourself to overcome your fear is a good thing!

Lately, I have seen a lot of articles written on facing your fears. I have found many of them to be extremely helpful and on track (I may not have launched Greens & Blues Co. if I had not read some of them), however, today I am going to take a slightly different viewpoint on it. Beyond just facing your fears by putting yourself out there and going for it; I challenge you to make yourself uncomfortable. Like, really really uncomfortable. Like when you are stuck between two people having the most awkward conversation ever and you have no way out – that kind of uncomfortable.

Why make yourself uncomfortable? You will face a fear. You will force yourself to try something you had previously told yourself you could not or would not do. You most likely will learn something new about yourself, whether it is the fact that you can face your fear and still survive, or even just a new skill that you learn.

One of the best ways to get out of a rut is to try something new. By trying something new, you usually have to make yourself uncomfortable. It’s not fun to suck at something. Especially as an adult. We are used to being good at whatever it is that we do regularly, so it is definitely out of our comfort zone.

What makes you uncomfortable? This is different for everyone:

  • Picking up the phone and calling someone.
  • Signing up for a class so you can learn something new.
  • Trying to make a new friend.
  • Sharing your work with others

I have always been the worst at drawing. I probably draw at the ability level of a 2nd grader. But, this is not surprising, because that is most likely when I stopped practicing drawing. However, I have always had an interest in drawing, sketching, hand-lettering, etc. But, I am not good at any of them, and until recently had really not done anything about it.

Recently I started to learn and practice sketchnoting (a more visual way of taking notes that is a hybrid of writing, sketching, hand-lettering, etc. You can learn more about it here.), which admittedly, is not actually drawing, but close enough that it still makes me start to sweat when I even think about sharing it with anyone. I’m still a beginner and definitely not good at it, but here is my sketchnote from a section of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert on how ideas work (on a sidenote, it’s an awesome book and you should definitely read it).

Stop Everything and Embrace the Fear: My sketchnotes from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert



Make yourself uncomfortable today. Try something new, do something you have putting off, or even learn something new. Go embrace the uncomfortable!