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Track Your Creativity – Free Printable

I’ll make this short + sweet. I made this tracker for myself to organize my creative practices and to help myself focus on different creative practices each month. A few people asked me to share it – so here it is. You can click here to download it.┬áThen get started tracking your creativity.

Keep track of your creative practices with this free tracker. Click here to download it now.

For the month of September, I wanted to focus on drawing (in addition to other creative practices such as writing that I already practice daily), so I used this handy dandy tracker to set a goal for the month – create a daily habit of either drawing for 10 minutes or drawing ten things. I then brainstormed how I would learn to draw and what I actually needed to do to reach this goal. Finally, I used the calendar on the left to actually keep track of what I have worked on each day. It has been super helpful – mainly because I use it as a constant reminder of what I’m working on this month. I hope you find it helpful as well. If you use it, let me know how it works out for you. Start practicing your creativity!

Check My Creativity - download this free printable tracker for practicing your creativity.

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