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What To Do When You Reach Your Goal

What To Do When You Reach Your Goal - 3 exercises to practice your creativity and prepare yourself for your next great idea.

In case you missed it, I launched my first course, Design Your Creative Path last week! (Click here to check it out.)

This was an idea rolling around in my head for a long time, and most of the work I have been doing with Greens & Blues Co. has been focused on that course. So what do you do after you have completed a big project – something you have been working on for a long time?

First and most important, congratulate yourself! Pat yourself on the back. Pour yourself a drink and relax. When you are done appreciating that you actually reached your goal, you are ready to answer the question:

What’s Next?

You might start to have feelings creep in of that was my best creative idea, I can’t top that or what to do I next. It’s okay not to have an answer immediately because something will eventually show itself. In the meantime, you need to continue to practice your creativity.

For example I created the course Design Your Creative Path – this was a course idea I have had for 8 months. I have worked on it here and there, changed as it goes. I have been working on lots of stuff but it has always been what I am working towards. But, I do have that feeling of what’s next.  Currently I do not know. Normally I would be worried, but I am not because I am setting myself up to have another idea.

What am I doing daily to set myself up for my next (great) creative idea?

First, I practice my creativity daily. I do something that I consider creative in some way that I really enjoy: working on my daughter’s baby book, a knitting project, planning or making something for our new house, etc. I do not spend hours and hours on these activities, sometimes I only spend five minutes. But regardless, I am putting myself in a creative mindset each and every day.

Second, (I stole this idea from Jason Zook on the Invisible Office Hours podcast) I write at least 250 words each day. When I heard this idea, I figured it couldn’t hurt so I decided to try it. It has been awesome – I highly recommend it. I keep one Google Doc and each day I add to it. It’s as simple as that.

I start typing and whatever comes out of my brain ends up in the document. Sometimes it is good and makes sense, other days it is total crap. But, when I am working on something and get stuck, I just start at the document and read through it until I come across something that I wrote that helps me in the moment. Since I started doing this activity, I really don’t feel like I have been in a place where I felt stuck for more than just a few minutes at a time.

Third, when I have an idea, I record myself talking through it. I open Voice Memos on my phone, hit record and start talking. It helps me quickly realize whether an idea has potential or perhaps makes absolutely no sense. In addition, I tend to come up with ideas while driving, so this also let’s me safely record them. Later, I will listen to the Voice Memo and type up what I said and see if any of it is usable.

***Shout-out to my husband, Doug for this idea. Truthfully, I used to make fun of him quite a bit for doing this, but now I have to admit that I do it several times a week.

As I got closer to launching Design Your Creative Path, I started to get a little nervous because that course is basically what I launched Greens & Blues Co. around. So once I launched it, what else is there left to do? Turns out a lot.

By practicing my creativity on a daily basis, writing each and everyday, and recording my ideas when I have them I have been able to come up with a number of possibilities for the future. I have plans to launch something every couple of months for the next year. Most of them are still in the beginning ideas phase, but by returning to them daily or even every few days, I spark more and more ideas.

What are you working on next? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

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